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Entry #2

Part 6!

2008-03-30 12:28:07 by soraslayer

Today I started the production of Mario Versus Tetris Pt 6!

But this time, I'm not alone. That's right, a collaboration. Slanted2 will be co-authoring this flash. He'll be giving some much needed help to the battlescenes, as well as submitting sprite sheets etc. So thanks to him!

Since I started on a sunday, assuming I work about an hour on it per should be ready by next saturday or sunday, although most likely much earlier.

Part 5 was a success by far, netting the highest score of the 5 flashes. It got a green highlight, or great score, and I'm hoping that Mario Versus Tetris Pt 6 will be even better.


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2008-03-30 12:53:34

Keep it going! :)


2008-04-05 15:32:00

well thanks for the unexpected into, but i'm glad to help and i hope to help with the rest of the series from 6 till it's done, listen though, it's saterday and it seems we're a little behind scedual, but good news, i'm working on a 46x46 icon for the animations so the animations look more secksy in the portal, u can use it for all the old and new episodes if you want, and i think it will look allot more professional. ill pm it too you soon.


2010-09-26 11:15:39

When Will It Come out